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The Nephrology Service at the British Hospital Buenos Aires is actively involved in the daily care of patients with kidney disorders, both in the outpatient clinic and at the haemodialysis centre.

Based on a holistic and comprehensive approach, the Nephrology Service covers all the areas of clinical nephrology, haemodialysis, kidney transplantation, and kidney-pancreas transplantation in the pre-transplant, transplant and post-transplant stages.

The dialysis centre comprises three separate divisions: chronic outpatients, acute patients and isolated patients (HIV and HBV patients) sectors.

The dialysis centre is equipped with sixteen machines. Eleven NIPRO SURDIAL and three NIPRO DIAMAX in the chronic outpatients sector. One NIPRO SURDIAL in the acute patients sector, and other one in the isolated patients sector. One NIPRO DIAMAX for the ICU and three NIPRO SURDIAL. Additionally, it has one portable osmosis machine for acutely ill inpatients requiring haemodialysis therapy in their private hospital room.

The centre uses ultrapure water in accordance with current standards, and applies FG technology in central osmosis, water ozonisation and storage, and water supply through stainless steel pipeline distribution.


Haemodialysis is provided daily by appointment, as booked from a three different time option schedule. Nephrology Service doctors and officers provide daily and personalised care to every patient. The centre also offers nutrition counselling through a nephrology-oriented professional nutritionist. At each dialysis session, patients receive a personalised meal managed by the Nephrology Service secretary. CATV is also available at the centre.

The haemodialysis centre is located on the first floor of the British Hospital Buenos Aires premises. Given the wide range of services provided at the British Hospital Buenos Aires, patients can be managed integrally within the hospital and dialysis-related complications can be addressed at the hospital’s own premises, i.e. no referrals for treatment at other health care centres are needed, which helps reduce transfer-derived risks.

The Nephrology Service participates in different nephrology meetings both nationally and internationally, and publishes papers on General Medicine and Nephrology in scientific journals, many indexed on Medline Pubmed.

The importance of water quality in haemodialysis:

Parameter digitalisation for water treatment process download pdf file [download file]
The ABC of the physical and chemical treatment of water for haemodialysis download pdf file [download file]
The ABC of storage and distribution of osmosis water download pdf file [download file]
El ABC del ozono download pdf file [download file]

Medical Practices

  • Kidney biopsy
  • Glomerular disease
  • Haemodialysis Acute dialysis and critical nephrology
  • Chronic Haemodialysis
  • Blood Hypertension
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Acute kidney failure
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Kidney stones
  • Clinical nephrology
  • Hereditary kidney disease
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Kidney transplantation (pretransplant, transplant and posttransplant)
  • Cadaver kidney transplantation
  • Unrelated living donor transplantation
  • Related living donor transplantation
  • Double kidney-pancreas transplantation
  • Metabolic disorders
  • Renal tubular disease
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